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Comments    April 1st, 2016 9:00 PM

eSole is currently is entering a number of competitions to help raise funds for our project. Recently we entered a competition hosted by the Nominate Trust, it will allow us to raise £15K-£50K. We see it is a great opportunity for us, to raise the funds we need. As part of the competition we created a video (linked below).

The money we raise from the competition, if we are successful, will help us finalize the initial design phase and allow us to create a working prototype. The competition closed on the 14th of April, with successful companies being selected within 2 weeks. We have been informed by staff at the trust, that they take the best 8 entries from over 250 (normal entry volume) to go through to round two. Following round two we are required to offer a more in-depth proposal accompanied by a business plan. We made the video over two weekends, with help from family friends to film and edit. We captured most of the footage on the first weekend and did some minor shots on the second weekend to improve some areas. Overall we were really happy with the video and we were able to cut and edit the video to meet the requirements for a general video and for other competitions. Please find the video link below https://vimeo.com/162710539

Esole Nominet entry. from eSole on Vimeo

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